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2011-08-29 Kurt Gubi Fixed a bug with the "Ticket View" in narcissus.narcissus-plugin tip
2011-08-15 Kurt Gubi Finally fixed all the issues where Narcissus was relying on the old timestamp format for Trac (instead of the new format, which is a whole integer including microseconds - instead of just seconds)narcissus-plugin
2011-08-10 Kurt Gubi Fixing up some lingering bugs to do with SVN/GIT/Mercurial.narcissus-plugin
2011-07-04 Kurt Gubi Copied 0.11 version to 0.12narcissus-plugin
2011-05-26 Kurt Gubi Corrections to the Unicode support again.narcissus-plugin
2011-05-26 Kurt Gubi Fixed unicode issue (again?) by removing unicode conversion references.narcissus-plugin
2011-02-25 Kurt Gubi Fixed a bunch of utf-8 regarding python-2.6 and now using "hashlib" instead of "sha" or "md5".narcissus-plugin
2011-02-11 Kurt Gubi Changed reference from 'sha' to 'hashlib'narcissus-plugin
2010-03-13 Greg Darke Made narcissus run on a mac. Also fixed a bug where an exception was thrown if no users were added.narcissus-plugin
2009-10-31 James Bunton Cleaned up css, converted JS to jquery and made detail appear next to mouse cursornarcissus-plugin
2009-10-31 James Bunton Starting improvement of visualisation layoutnarcissus-plugin
2009-10-31 James Bunton No more clearsilvernarcissus-plugin
2009-10-31 James Bunton Ported details to genshinarcissus-plugin
2009-10-31 James Bunton Fixed visualisation for wikinarcissus-plugin
2009-10-31 James Bunton Ported narcissus visualisation to genshinarcissus-plugin
2009-10-31 James Bunton User guide ported to genshinarcissus-plugin
2009-10-31 James Bunton Removed old user guidenarcissus-plugin
2009-10-27 James Bunton Add navigation links to configure genshi pagenarcissus-plugin
2009-10-27 James Bunton Make configure and user guide pages appear as subdirs of /narcissusnarcissus-plugin
2009-10-27 James Bunton Include xhtml templates in eggsnarcissus-plugin
2009-10-27 James Bunton Configure page uses a genshi templatenarcissus-plugin
2009-10-27 James Bunton Narcissus works on Trac 0.11 nownarcissus-plugin
2009-10-27 James Bunton Start port to Trac 0.11narcissus-plugin
2009-10-27 James Bunton Fixed issue with adding/removing users from the visualisationnarcissus-plugin
2008-08-18 James Bunton Formatting fixes.narcissus-plugin
2008-08-18 James Bunton Fixed database connection problems with mod_python.narcissus-plugin
2008-08-11 Trent Apted allow Narcissus to work with mod_python, and twiddle enable.shnarcissus-plugin
2008-07-31 Kim Upton Fix for author not being displayed in ticket viewnarcissus-plugin
2008-07-31 Kim Upton Hopefully a fix for the overlapping ticket columnsnarcissus-plugin
2008-07-14 Trent Apted Fix problems with firefox 3narcissus-plugin
2008-06-04 Trent Apted Fix unescaping in SQLnarcissus-plugin
2008-03-04 Kim Upton project view is no longer displaying activities by non group members.narcissus-plugin
2008-03-04 Kim Upton tweaked some of the SQL statements in the hopes that it will address ticket:22.narcissus-plugin
2008-03-04 Kim Upton added an extra page for user documentation, closes ticket:13.narcissus-plugin
2008-03-04 Kim Upton fixed README to have correct download information, and added restrict ticket owner config recommendation.narcissus-plugin
2008-03-04 Trent Apted Add back in more changes dropped from r599narcissus-plugin
2008-03-03 Kim Upton commented out print to standard error messages, moved db.commit() as per mysteriously disappeared change from changeset:592.narcissus-plugin
2008-03-03 Kim Upton details page is now handling wiki page names that may have space or quotations in them.narcissus-plugin
2008-03-03 Kim Upton have changes for row in cursor: to for a, b, _, etc in cursor: where applicable. makes code much more readable.narcissus-plugin
2008-03-03 Kim Upton should fix no youngest_rev error, but only if youngest_rev is None and not throwing an error.narcissus-plugin
2008-03-03 Kim Upton moved db.commit() and configuration meets chain rule constraint, closing ticket:14.narcissus-plugin
2008-03-03 Kim Upton Extra info in score summary, addresses ticket:20narcissus-plugin
2008-03-03 Kim Upton fixed reporting of ticket view action and added wiki diffnarcissus-plugin
2008-03-03 Trent Apted Refresh the Trac database herenarcissus-plugin
2008-03-03 Kim Upton removing some testing code.narcissus-plugin
2008-03-03 Chris Collins bugfixes and workarounds for ticket viewnarcissus-plugin
2008-03-03 Chris Collins Move the commit to the end of update_data rather than insert_datanarcissus-plugin
2008-03-03 Chris Collins Add font and ini fragmentnarcissus-plugin
2008-03-03 Chris Collins Add enable and update scriptsnarcissus-plugin
2008-03-02 Kim Upton full configuration is working correctly now.narcissus-plugin
2008-03-02 Kim Upton add and remove users is working.narcissus-plugin
2008-03-02 Kim Upton score section is finished.narcissus-plugin
2008-03-02 Kim Upton score section halfway done, just adding the rules.narcissus-plugin
2008-03-02 Kim Upton details pages are working, for all views.narcissus-plugin
2008-03-02 Kim Upton details pages in progress, but so far it looks like project view is broken, and data extraction needs to be from raw tables, not narcissus data.narcissus-plugin
2008-03-02 Kim Upton fix to esnure that correct view is updated when user updates time.narcissus-plugin
2008-03-02 Kim Upton fixed remnant bugs in ticket view occuring thanks to datetime vs date bollocks...narcissus-plugin
2008-03-02 Kim Upton javascript was not being included in package.narcissus-plugin
2008-03-02 Kim Upton oops, edit_page has to be greater than last_updatenarcissus-plugin
2008-03-02 Kim Upton fixed divide by zero error when there are no tickets. thanks taptednarcissus-plugin